Our core team of software engineers focuses on delivering rigorously engineered, carefully implemented, efficiently maintained software that is valuable to our clients. We have been involved in software development using web technologies since 1996, and have formally established MSys in 2005.

Key expertise

  • Requirements engineering
  • Performance testing
  • Application optimization
  • Software engineering
  • Stress testing
  • Database engineering
  • Database optimization
  • Maintenance


Managing large volumes of content, handling large numbers of visits. We are familiar with and have successfully managed issues that arise from large volumes of content, especially text, images, and audio. The content management system for, the principal news website in Serbia, is used by 500.000-plus users per day (2+ million page views) with close to no downtime for about 7+ years now., a podcasting portal, uses a database of 200.000-plus audio files, from 2hr- length podcasts to usual singles.

Optimization. Proper understanding of inner workings of MySQL allows us to significantly improve a troubled application’s performance, and we have been known to make the already-failed projects alive again. Same applies to PHP/Apache optimizations, although the gains tend to be less spectacular (as there is less room to do wrong in the first place).

Industry expirience

  • News and media
  • E-Government
  • Banking
  • E-Commerce
  • Tourism

Key references

    The official website of the High Court of Cassation, Republic of Serbia. As one of the most comprehensive websites in this area, it stands out with a fully-fledged search engine of the Court practice database, as well as an interactive map of courts in Serbia.
  •, ro, bg, ba
    Four regional sites for Gazprom Petrol, for the markets of Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Bosnia. Retail information for companies and individuals, interactive map of filling stations, trip planner and more!
    MS have delivered the two key components - the Portal and the Registers, in a larger E-Government project for RATEL, Republic Agency for Electronic Communications, Republic of Serbia.
    The High Court Council, Republic of Serbia. The official site of the highest juridiciary regulatory body in Serbia. One of the highlights is the Google Maps based interactive display of Courts and their jurisdictions.
    NIS Petrol is the retail arm of Naftna Industrija Srbije, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft. It offers content in four languages / scripts, and sports an interactive map of NIS Petrol gas stations in Serbia.
    The project funded by the EU, Cross Border Institutional Building aims at connecting people from neighboring regions of the South-East Europe. The project is now in its third phase, with the freshly redesigned Drupal 7 site.
  •, рнидс.срб
    Serbian Internet Domain Names Authority, this is the first ever on the new Cyrillic domain .срб. Three languages and interfaces with other Register's online services.
    NISOTEC retail site: Oils, lubricants and top quality liquids - Simply better.
    The most successful and most visited website in Serbia. Dozens of menu categories deal with a wide variety of topics, from breaking news and sports to culture and lifestyle. The website serves 500.000-plus visitors daily.